The world may be known Without leaving the house;
The Sky may be seen Apart from the windows.
The further you go, The less you will know.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Little bird's story


Suddenly, I seen it on a street curb in desolate Marsalforn, on island Ghawdex, Malta, a little sparrow, few weeks old, tiny and fluffy, old enough to be determined to live yet defenceless and easy catch for the hungry random Mediterranean cat...

Methought what'll I do? Try to place it somewhere high: a balcony, a window sill. Its bird parents are probably looking for it, their flying-lessons audacious scoundrel.

If I take it in my hands they may smell the human touch and decide to forsake it. Terrible fate.

So I decide to go and leave it to its own devices. To its own life or death.

I hope for the best and it feels good.

It feels good.

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